Customized Contract Billing Solution for an out-of-box price

What Our Fantastic Users Say

“Over years, we have been looking for a web based customizable solution to process our timekeeping and cost reporting. Our industry produces many challenges in field accounting efforts that require flexibility in all our software applications. Nothing really fit our needs until TiMaven. It helps us streamline field daily time entry, per diem payments, travel pay, material reimbursement, etc., with a quick turnaround on our weekly payroll process. It checks all the boxes for us and is customized to fit with our ERP system. On top of that, the customer service experience is superb. Richard and Shane were just a phone call away to all our requests and concerns. So far, it has been a great journey with them, and we have already rolled out the software to more than 38 job sites.”

TiMaven Suite Highlights

Easy Integration

TiMaven provides an universal import portal for all clock systems, regardless of their exported data format. 

Customizable Business Rules

TiMaven allows business to easily customize the calculation rules, including rounding policy, rain out policy, and so much more.

Easy Cost Allocation

TiMaven offers business various ways to allocate cost, either universally or down to team level. 

Easy Project Maintenance

TiMaven has capability to help business manage their project at different level, including team data, cost codes, etc.

Time Reporting Process

The built-in time reporting process will help improve communication efficiency

Customizable Reports

The end time report can be customized to fit your business requirement. 

Exception Management

TiMaven automatically captures exception and can help business manage the exception report. 

Fully Customizable

The entire TiMaven solution can be fully customed to fit your specific business requirement. 

Small Business
$59.88 per employee per year
  • $1000 Monthly Base
  • Up to 1000 Employees
  • TiMaven SyncEngine Not Included
$53.88 per employee per year
  • $1,500 Monthly Base
  • Up to 2500 Employees
  • TiMaven SyncEngine Not Included
$47.88 per employee per year
  • $2,500 Monthly Base
  • Up to 5000 Employees
  • TiMaven SyncEngine Included
$41.88 per employee per year
  • Upon Request
  • 5000 above Employees
  • TiMaven SyncEngine Included