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Festival Cine-Monument

2017, Paris, France

This was an UI/UX and branding design project for the Festival Cine-Monument official app and promotion. 

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Travel Booking App

2020, France

This was a mobile app UI/UX design project by our Chief Designer. The app released and has reached over 100k+ users. 

Medical Case Management System

Baton Rouge, USA

Our team rewrote and transformed the client's web application into a scaleable solution, and saved the client over $1.5 million on development and $120,000 on monthly cloud services. 

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Ticket Vending Machine

2013, Beijing, China

Our CTO design and developed this movie ticket vending machine with Android app. At the end of the project, it was deployed to 80+ movie theatres in Beijing, China. 

Car Dashboard

2013, Japan

This was a project specifically designed for a leading automobile brand from Japan by our CTO. The product was deployed to 3 main models inside Japan. 

Vending Machine App

2015, China

Our team developed this Android app specifically to be integrated with different imported vending machines. It was deployed to 500+ major metro stations, 100+ train stations, and 1600+ shopping malls in China. It can be managed separately or as a group.  

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