Maven, the word itself is a borrowing from the Yiddish meyvn, derived from the Hebrew, meaning a trusted expert in a particular field.

Since its inception, TiMaven, which is a combination of "Time" and "Maven" (Time Expert), is dedicated to provide software solutions to corporations in the Gulf Coast Region. 

TiMaven Suite

A combination of "Time" and "Maven" (Time Expert), TiMaven Suite is dedicated to address the efficiency issue for time management for industrial construction industry. Backed by years of industry experience from the owner, TiMaven Suite is engineered perfectly to integrate with other clocking system and provide a reliable, accurate, easy-to-use, flexible and efficient time management solution.

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Maven Consulting

We understand that it is very hard for non-technology corporation to keep up with the technology trend, especially in Gulf Coast area. Main challenges are recruiting and retention of experienced programming resources. TiMaven team now provides an unparalleled programming services with unbeatable price to corporations. 

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